1. TBone

    This joke pretty much writes itself

  2. Lemmiwinks

    So THAT’S what a Category 5 yeast infection looks like.

  3. Rosie does her impression of Snookie’s vagina.

  4. tito

    i think i see boba fett.

  5. RHawk

    Didn’t she used to live in a trailer park? You’ve come a long way, Rosie.

  6. Jeremy Feist

    Huh… I was wondering where Tom Arnold’s balls went…

  7. Allison Wunderlan

    …. and then he done the Heimlick remover on me and out popped my ovaries into my mouth! Boy, was I embarrassed.

  8. Whoa, I just swallowed my own vomit, and found it to be more tasteful than this picture.

  9. well you are what you eat.

  10. That is the most fucked up Pez dispenser I have ever seen.

  11. normally fat chicks look better when they have nuts in their mouth.

  12. Mouth is open wide, now you can put your dick inside.

  13. KC

    If you’re having problems with both weight gain and too much sex drive, boy, have I got the cure for you.

  14. PoorMaryKelly

    Gag! She’s disgusting just like she’s been for 60 years.

  15. Lita

    Nobody wants to see Roseanne’s nuts.

  16. “Deeez Nuuuts”

  17. cc

    Scope meets its greatest challenge.

  18. MrsWrong

    Positive: In 10 years Americans create the time machine
    Negative:Snookie gets the first ride

  19. HeavyMetalAngel

    After looking at herself in the mirror, Roseanne’s bulimia automatically kicked back into full gear.

  20. Jack

    “Nom nom, these eggs are so FERTILE!”

  21. ugasean

    No wonder Ashton’s thinking about leaving Demi…

  22. Siloporcen7

    Are these nuts the cure for the Bubonic Plague?

  23. Tom Arnold, you can stop looking now.

  24. CharmlessMan

    Rosanne reenacts how she got her career.

  25. sc4play

    If only you had truly missed this crap. My eyes will never be the same.

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