1. tito

    i love it when they call me big poppa…throw your hands in the ayyyer if you know where the buffet at.

  2. doogleberg

    “Ya know, you’re the third cracker mother*****r today that’s said they thought I was dead. Dat jus ain’t rite!”

  3. RHawk

    “I’m still wearing the same pants I wore in 1998. Just 4 inches lower.”

  4. bassackwards

    I think it is time to drop the “The Entertainer” crap….. maybe add “The fat and useless”…

  5. I liked when he did Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems.

  6. Cedric I-just-had-my-third-meal-of-the-day-at-Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffle’s-the Entertainer.

  7. Raoul

    “Todd! Where’s my shiny green tank top?!?”

  8. Talk about a misnomer, that`s like calling Ashton Kutcher “Ashton The Actor”.

  9. cc

    Cedric the Diabetic

  10. Squishy

    More like, Cedric the Bypass waiting to happen.

  11. Jack

    “Damn, you can’t knock a bruthah fo hangin’ out with Uncle Phil!”

  12. Dead in 10 years, face first in a bucket of fried chicken.

  13. Randy Jackson’s putting some weight back on.

  14. Totally

    See ya drivin’ downtown in the career I loved, and I’m like Fuck You!

  15. cc

    The ethnic Mr Potato Head. Good for Hasbro being all inclusive and shit.

  16. CharmlessMan

    Cedric the Entertainer just spotted the Grim Reaper muttering, “That was Bernie Mac? Damn it, I got the wrong one again!”

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