1. Cock Dr

    If she has an emergency pee event it’s gonna be real hard to get those jeans down quick for the sidewalk squat.

  2. Now that is the correct way to wear a plain white t-shirt.

  3. She looks great, except for the Judge Smails’ hat.

  4. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Mr. Universe 2012

  5. Deacon Jones

    The reason Milfhunter was made, Jaime. Take the paycheck.

  6. cc

    Well, as I have said, I’ll never be able to shake the image of her naked ass. Nor do I want to.

  7. fuckityfuck

    she is some of the (formerly) prettiest white trash I’ve ever seen

  8. Brit

    Guy in car: Has anyone seen Mr. Sheen’s hat? He said he left it on the hood.

  9. journalschism

    The pen she used to sign that pact with Satan must be sticking her in the back.

  10. oldfool

    Can’t get the taste of Darnell out of her mouth.

  11. bigalkie

    That………Is the good kind of trailer park Kendra Wilkinson..

  12. kimmykimkim

    So, the Chateau Marmont has a neon sign, huh? And to think, just a few weeks ago we were questioning the standards of this fine establishment.

  13. Kojak

    Absurdly hot body…

  14. El Jefe

    Oh yum. Why can’t Playboy get celebs like her anymore?

  15. Yes! I made it all the way here without getting pulled over! Now it’s time to DRINK!

  16. tlmck

    Did not realize a quickie in a car could still get you a script.

  17. Jake

    hard to believe I spanked to her 15 years ago (Poison Ivy)..and still spankable!

  18. Talk about aging gracefully. She always was gorgeous and still is. Fucking sex personified.

  19. Tinklepants

    Any time. Any place. Any position. Any orifice. Name it, honey, and I’m there.

  20. You could sharpen a knife on her ass.

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