1. lily

    shes so pretty. love her body too.

  2. tlmck

    Every guy’s dream prom date.

  3. that little piece of boob hanging out the side of her dress reminds me of that little piece of vagina that was hanging out the side of her bikini.

  4. Is her father The Joker? They have the same smile.

  5. ” Maria Menounos at the launch of ‘Find Your Facemate’ ” … no I’m sorry, the punch line is just too easy.

  6. journalschism

    Would it ever get old exclaiming ‘Sweet Jesus, Thank You Lord Baby Jesus’ every time you man-spackle in her? My guess is ‘no.’ But that’s pure speculation, mind you.

  7. “OK, Maria, you can sit on my face this time, but only for the summer.”

  8. kimmykimkim

    I’m sorry but I can’t quit looking at the side-boob/side-back skin spillage. I really want to fix it. It’s like that girl’s braid hanging over her face in that old Snoop Dogg video. Still haunts me to this day. “Just say ‘cut’! Just say ‘cut’ and fix that fucking braid!”



  10. El Jefe

    If I ever had the opportunity to get with her I can tell you where you will find my face…mate.

  11. PirateHunter

    Anal. That is all.

  12. Every hole will be used. She is the perfect woman.

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