1. Lovely…just lovely

  2. YAAR

    Her facial expression is similar to the expression on my face when I look at her tits

  3. lily

    beautiful face. she reminds me of a mermaid for some reason lol

  4. She looks like she is one tit joke away from going medieval on someone…

  5. It’s only going to go down from here

  6. LRonHoover

    Two words. MOTOR BOAT

  7. The face of a woman who can’t decide between the fish or the chicken.

    • Bianca

      “Just order the Chicken of the Sea and then you can have the best of both worlds.”- Jessica Simpson

  8. DeucePickle

    What movie premier is she at now ?

  9. cc

    The memories of Blimpson have, for now, been vanquished.

  10. rstak

    She looks like she’s trying not to stare at her own chest.

  11. kimmykimkim

    So today while looking up Kelly Brook’s bra size (34E, btw) I ran across a website with some older pics of her and sadly, she has fakers. Really good looking fakers but still. It was like she went from a C cup to an E cup. And they look great and they look real, but they’re not. I still would though.

  12. “I have a career? Based on what?”

  13. We

    I’d give up sleep for it.

  14. Derburder

    I find her face a little boring and then i scroll down and forget what I found boring and what i had for breakfast , what year it is, my name..etc,

  15. Robot Warfare

    Not the first time a woman’s face had to compete for attention with her tits.

  16. anonym

    her face looks bad here. got a bit of manliness in that face.
    Looking older than she really is

    • I still say her face is jacked. Certain lighting and angles can make it look good, but I’ve seen one too many bad photos to make me think she’s facially attractive.

  17. So fucking beautiful.

  18. It’s a known fact that tilting your head at the camera subtracts 10 IQ points.

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