1. Is her face pressed up against the windshield?!?

  2. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    ‘Not looking too bad at all’ – a week old pizza

  3. your mom

    I think her face is melting

  4. Thank you, Janice…
    For what?
    For crossing your legs…

  5. AttackKat

    I need to get one of those things for my passenger seat so I can drive in the HOV lane.

  6. Is this one of those horrible anti-smoking ads?

  7. Cock Dr

    Now when you catch one of these you want to be very careful handling it. while removing the hook…they have spines that can really hurt you.

  8. That car must have the optional visor heat lamps

  9. MF

    People have got to stop taking pictures of this broad.

  10. flaT

    Ruxin Face!!!

  11. Hey, it’s Rin-Chin-Chin!!!

  12. Huh?

    The face is rough but I’d beg her to cover up those hands.


  13. mismy

    Brad Pitt, welcome to your future.

  14. fuckityfuck

    Steven Tyler looks nice in red :)

  15. Lily

    So, Mick and Angeline DID produce a secret love child!

  16. Dick Hell

    This fad of photographing wigs on gargoyles needs to stop.

  17. cc

    How often do you get to use the word ‘crone’?

  18. Bionic_Crouton

    The driver thinks he’s taking home a pre-op transsexual..

  19. journalschism

    Mmyah, see! Mmyah! Get me away from that crazy rabbit!

  20. Henry

    Only she can frown and smile at the same time.

  21. Dickinson, fer fucksake, go get a motherfucking job, already!

  22. dontkillthemessenger

    The hands of an 80 year-old.

    The face of a 40 year-old… Martian.

  23. Urvag

    Who do I have to pay to stop taking photos of this thing?? This would be more appropriate for discovery science or something like that.

  24. The Brown Streak


  25. I pray that the police catch whoever did that to her!

  26. tlmck

    The car looks in great shape after that awful head on crash.

  27. Her hands are telling me that Time Of Death was about 3 weeks ago…

  28. EricLr

    The scariest thing about this picture is that there is at least one paparazzo running around out there who still thinks to himself “Alright, this shot of Janice Dickinson is a MONEY MAKER!!”

  29. Rapsutin's Evil Twin

    I’ve told everyone for decades now, pacts with the Devil never work out well. Here’s more or less living proof of that.

  30. Proper

    So Stephan Hawking was in drag

  31. Colonel Angus

    Is that Steven Seagal driving?

  32. squishy

    Looking a little Mickey Rourke these days…

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