1. I think that dude just blew the leaves from my yard.

  2. Emma Watson's Vagina

    looks like roller girl knocked him up.

  3. He’s playing the part of a drop of Jizz in this film

  4. lily

    didnt know he was expecting quadruplets.

  5. Correction…he IS the set.

  6. Luis, as a fellow latino, please don’t feed the stereotypes.

  7. And this is after 4 layers of Spanx.

  8. Jacopo really took it hard when the Count threw him out of the house…

  9. Animal

    That’s a Greendale graduate alright.

  10. The joy of being the sloppy character actor.

  11. Great casting. Except for the cigarette and beer gut, he’s a dead ringer for Cuauhtemoc. Aztec warrrior, indeed.

  12. catapostrophe

    Horatio Sanz + Tracy Morgan = That

  13. Contusion


  14. “I am the ultimate Latin lover. There is no Latin lover like me.”

  15. I guess now we know how the Spaniards managed to conquer the Aztecs

  16. journalschism

    Still better looking than the Pontiac Aztec.

  17. FattyMcGee

    Honestly, this guy has achieved what we all dream of; enough of a library of work to literally say to life, “I really don’t give a fuck.” and for that attitude to not affect his life in any way whatsoever.

  18. “I’m going to just keep walking around until I find someone to read this to me.”

  19. willynilly

    Eeek! Poster child for Heart Disease.


    is Snookie still pregnant?!??!?!?!?

  21. kimmykimkim


    (I don’t know any Puerto Rican expressions. Sorry.)

  22. bigalkie

    Character actors..provide…..character

  23. Chaz Bono looks fantastic!

  24. I still so would. Don’t judge.

  25. El Jefe

    Love this dude.

  26. The Brown Streak

    “Shit! Gotta get home quick! The Brown Hornet is on soon!”

  27. I guess now we know why the Aztecs aren’t around any more!

  28. mbcl

    shown considering changing his name to luiz gutman.

  29. King Diamond

    Pachanga looks pregnant with twins, a cow and all of octo-moms babies at their current age.

  30. squishy

    Everyone’s trying to outdo Simpson!!

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