1. dontkillthemessenger

    The whole Amber Heard-Johnny Depp thing is making more sense now.

    BTW, Sam’s “facemate” is scheduled to be exhumed on Friday the 13th.

  2. I get so annoyed every time I see her.

  3. Proving once again that no DJ is powerful enough to distract hipsters from their status updates.

  4. She found her facemate. It’s Jeff Goldblum 3/4 way into his “Fly” transformation.

  5. I have to admit, that’s a pretty good Mike Doonesbury impression.

  6. tlmck

    Could not get work as a guy, so pretending to be a lesbian was the next best option.

  7. Johnny P!

    I just hope this “Find Your Facesofmethmate” event is raising money for a good cause…

  8. C’mon, smile a little princess.

  9. catapostrophe

    “Performing,” eh?

  10. O'chunt

    Yeah, “performing”, i.e. playing music someone else created.

  11. Backdoor Ninja

    Do NOT tell me this is a girl!

  12. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Get rid of that frown young man and help your mother

  13. She looks like Gabe from Penny Arcade if he had pink hair.

  14. “U mad, bro?”

  15. hpflapjacks

    Ever wonder what it would look like if Sam the Eagle and Cyndi Lauper shot up a bunch of heroin and had a baby?

  16. Grizzilicious

    the 1,545th ugliest thing to be near Lindsey Lohan’s vagina.

  17. Spoiled rich kid with a pink cat on her head and a black soul

  18. Bionic_Crouton

    What talent does it take to be a DJ? Turn on that turn table… Now turn on that turn table… Here’s your music degree. WHAT A MUSICAL PRODIGY!!

  19. Bionic_Crouton

    She doesn’t look well. Maybe she had a bad clam.

  20. Henry

    That has a twin.

  21. What really pisses me off is that she got to eat Lindsay Lohan’s pussy back when Lindsay Lohan’s pussy was worth eating. That goes for sucking on her tits, too.

  22. Racer X


  23. Dr. Fullabull

    I bet her use of Lost Little Lohan to market herself greatly increased demand for her DJ services and consequently her income.

    • EricLr

      If by “greatly increased demand” you mean “created demand where absolutely none had ever existed before” then yes.

  24. AAPL made me rich!

    This kinda shit bothers me.

  25. FattyMcGee

    Despite losing over 150 lbs and learning how to DJ, Perez Hilton never seemed to get the respect he felt he deserved.

  26. bigalkie

    Unattractive..in all ways..

  27. El Jefe

    You won’t find my face anywhere near that mate.

  28. She always looks to me like Tony Hawk smelling a fart.

  29. The Brown Streak

    So what do you think of Paris as a…….oh…

  30. ArrrrRRRRRrrrrrr….Fire BAD!

  31. If only Chaz Bono could look so masculine!

  32. PirateHunter

    World Famous “House” D.J. Hugh Laurie

  33. mbcl

    she’s a DJ because nobody wants to dance with her.

  34. EricLr

    I bet her parents really wanted a daughter.

  35. Mickey01232000

    That is one ugly dude.

  36. Katie

    “Wipe that face off your head, bitch. AIR! RAID!”

  37. She’s morphing into a live action Gorillaz member.

  38. bdkitti

    Before I read the caption, I honestly thought that was Keith Richards.

  39. DON’T distract her shes Deeeeee Jaaaaying!!!!!

  40. Colonel Angus

    Photo by Michael Lohan.

  41. squishy

    I gather she is having a hard time finding her Facemate?!

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