1. I spilled a little DNA.

  2. Body by Bulimia. Pass!

  3. The Pope

    I can almost see where her belly button is hiding.

    (because she has no belly button y’see…it’s funny…really)

  4. lily

    nice stems. her face looks like napoleon dynamite though…

  5. zenden

    A transsexual meth-head exposing her crotch… There has to be some fucking law against that!

    /The thing has arms like Keith Richards.

  6. Gore

    About as sexy as a heroin addict with full blown AIDS.

  7. walken talken

    Feed this hungry prostitute a few sandwiches on my tab. She can repay me when she looks like she doesn’t have cancer.

  8. cc

    That’s a nice cheek, I care not what others say.

  9. DeucePickle

    We get it, we get it, Mrs. Jolie

  10. theoriginal LJ

    Czech women are great lovers, not as good as Brazilian women but a good second.

  11. so…a photo shoot to promote ass-sex pornos?

  12. i like fit woman?

    very fkn sexy.. i encourage more of such from those woman play things

    • soros

      If you liked fit women you wouldn’t be jerking off to something that looks like a starving drug addict.

  13. kimmykimkim

    Got Dayum!

  14. Galaor

    I see London, I see vagina.

  15. Bionic_Crouton

    “My wallet is around here somewhere…”

  16. mismy

    It’s not a tumah!! the fuck is that growing out of her cheek? Or her Klingon forehead?… Am I the only one seeing this? *steps away from the bong…

  17. “Photoboy! How may users can the magnify tool support at one time???”

    “Captain, she canna take much more o this…she’s gonna blow!”

  18. Sheppy


  19. Gentlemen…dinner is served!

  20. MeMe

    Nice ass. But this chick’s face is a trainwreck. I’ve never gotten her appeal.

  21. Box lunch

    Mmmmm. Her cunt’s in there.

  22. bigalkie

    Once a Russian whore…

  23. Pipedreamer

    Finally! A place to park my bike!

  24. El Jefe

    If you don’t want a piece of this you might be a little Tom Cruise, you know what I am saying?

    • soros

      Oh I know what you’re saying… You jerk off to trannies to convince yourself you’re only partially gay.

  25. The Brown Streak

    Damn, that’s one huge ass dingleberry!

  26. get real

    Is this a pic for one of those meth awareness campaigns? The poor bitch was probably hot before the drugs and eating disorder:(

  27. mustang

    damn that’s a nasty boney ass bitch! you homos in here are faping to this shit?? get the fuck outta here!

  28. squishy

    “A little higher, a little higher, a little high….ummmmm….a little lower…”

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