1. maoix

    Call me now!!

  2. schadenfreude

    Erykah Badu looks great!

  3. Gin&Tonic


  4. Damn it! Erykah Badu found my time machine again.

  5. she thinks the African princess slot is open now that lauryn hill is in jail. at least lauryn was supremely talented.

  6. I’ll see your Brandy in Los Angeles, and raise you a Bourbon in Seattle.

  7. Woah, Brandy is still alive? Who knew?

  8. CK

    I really wanted that to be the Tardis off to the side. nope, just crappy blue doors.

  9. That ain’t brandy. It’s not even a glass, it’s a cell phone.

  10. Woven area rugs make great impromptu ponchos. Apparently.

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