1. Man, I wish I had a shirt with a picture on it of me with Morgan Freeman

  2. norman

    It’s a walker!

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    BTW, he thinks he’s the guy on the right.

  4. Hey Hey Heey!!! It”s Bill Cosby

  5. farrellthib

    can you say “starfucker”?

  6. schadenfreude

    That’s the worst sweater Cliff Huxtable has ever worn!

  7. Skippy86

    I’ll bet they have no idea who each other is.

  8. “Bill! Bill! Tell us about the multiple women you drugged and raped in Philadelphia a couple years ago!”

    (scrunches face)


  9. Cosby is really proud of meeting Lawrence Fishburn apparently.

  10. Nonnie Moose

    And yet it’s my 12 year old daughter that the TSA decides to pat down rather than the angry looking black man wearing a t-shirt with a picture of him shaking hands with a terrorist.

  11. When you go to the elastic waistband pants in public you know you’ve just given up.

  12. Cosby would win the century if, in the photo on his shirt, he wore the same shirt.

  13. This is one sad picture.

  14. Later

    I spy something with my little eye zip pid di zobb di zipp dubba di dubb

  15. From the ‘Humblebrag’ clothing line.

  16. Looks like Yoda stayed out in the sun too long.

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