1. farrellthib

    the face on the purse had less work

  2. seat filler

    Ann Margaret never ages does she

  3. “JKF Airport”?

  4. If they did the Bewitched movie now, she could play Endora.

  5. She has the same 1960′s robot purse as Kylie Jenner.

  6. EricLR

    The TSA kicked her out for carrying more than 3 ounces of Botox in her face.

  7. well, she definitely is reprising her role in to die for. only now she’s dead.

  8. She looked awful in those clothes, but Gimpy the Purse didn’t say anything. In truth, he couldn’t say anything, and that’s how she liked it.

  9. OzMatters

    Smother than a baby’s botoxed bum.

  10. OzMatters

    Smoother than a baby’s botoxed bum.

  11. OzMatters

    Smother, Smoother, what’s the smatter with my smelling.

  12. Mos

    How does she manage to have sagging jowls but no body fat at all? Also, where did her lips go?

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