1. what a fat ass.

  2. CK

    When we see kim post-lypo in two weeks, this is where the fat went.

  3. The result of 6 months of Kurly Fries, Koke, Kwarter Pounders, and Kandy Bars.

  4. God this guy is a total loser piece of shit.

  5. Katnip

    He’s not fat, he’s Armenian. It’s in their genes…

  6. Anthony

    Nice tits.

  7. Skippy86

    It looks like there is a face trying to come through.

  8. His bitch tits are coming in nicely.

  9. “Yo…you got the goods?”

    “Yeah bro….10 pounds of crystal clear steak fat. Organically raised. This shit melts in your mouth man, no aftertaste, nothing.”

    “Meet me behind the bushes.”

  10. look, you guys. kevin federline is simply doing the best with what he’s got. his exwife is crazy and he is juggling two kids. cut the guy some slack.

  11. I’m guessing Khloe’s weight loss involved a straw and Rob’s powerful sucking lips.

  12. “Couple more weeks on this jack-in-the-box diet and I can wear Kim’s maternity clothes”

  13. anonymous

    So I guess he spent that SINGLE day with Lamar Odom’s trainer, walked two blocks, and then decided being fat as easier than diet and exercise?

    He probably spent more time on choosing his Nikes than walking in them.

  14. Apparently he thinks “stair master” is another word for “beer run.”

  15. He’s trying to get an endorsement deal like Jared did with Subway. Krispy Kreme hasn’t returned his calls.

  16. “When that little girl comes this way, I’m going to steal her happy meal!”

  17. Caroline

    What a load.

  18. Agent Michael Scarn

    Guess there’s no doubt now that he’s definitely one of Robert’s kids.

  19. Oldfool

    Where’s a car load of Bloods when you need one?

  20. When you have to stop and catch your breath halfway *down* a flight of stairs, it’s time to cut back on the Krispy Kremes.

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