1. dontkillthemessenger

    Make Camilla’s a little bigger.

  2. Gin&Tonic

    um, sir on the right, y’ve got a little something on your he-
    eh, nevermind. he’ll figure it out soon enough

  3. EricLR

    Mummy never let’s me attend the Eyes Wide Shut Ball. But this year, I’m just going to DO IT, by George!

  4. All funny captions aside, seeing these photos of what this guy actually does every day of his life is pretty incredible. Just when I think it can’t get any dumber, there’s a guy with a puppy on his head and it’s so not the weirdest thing there that no one is even looking at that guy.

  5. British royalty seems to take saving the Asian Elephant exactly as seriously as I would have guessed that they would.

  6. Is this a Paula Deen party?

  7. “What do you mean I don’t wear this as a codpiece? For bloody sake, what are those holes for then?”

  8. The only black guy doesn’t wear a mask for fear of being arrested. Instead, they give him a stuffed animal to wear on his head so he can join in on all the fun.

  9. crb

    I say Mummy, this man says his name is ‘Seal’, so we had double-oh-nought go out and clobber a baby seal for his head.

    Much easier to spot now, wot-wot!

  10. j/k

    “Oh dear, I seem to have been out cat-masked.”

  11. Jaybles

    to the left of prince charles, David Duchovny, to the right is Courtney Cox and Seal.

  12. donkeylicks

    Dog hat looks more credible than Donald Trump’s “hair”.

  13. “That’s the smallest beaver I’ve had on my stick in the long time!”

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