1. My number is 416-GO-FUCK-YOURSELF-YOU-WHORE…. At least according to my wife…

  2. “Scroll to Damon, bitch! I need his numbah!”

  3. The mystery is solved: We now know what Leo Gorcey with a nice rack looks like.

  4. Skippy86

    Wonder what he’ll say when the wifes asks “was she pretty then me?”

  5. Jennifer has a sniper rifle aimed at his temple right now. If those eyes drift to that girl’s boobs, it’s all over for him.

  6. (Maybe I should start drinking again to get over her face…)

  7. Someone Else

    They’re both checking out a Matt Damon weiner pic on her phone.

  8. EricLR

    Methinks yet another night of telling a screaming Jennifer “I swear, she was just a fan, I just posed for a picture, that’s all!!” is rapidly approaching.

  9. Cock Dr

    Is that the nanny?

  10. Every man can read it in his face: *yeah, my wife is hotter…but strange is strange!”

  11. “Did you need to use my smartphone?”
    “No. I’m faking interest as an excuse to stare down your top.”

  12. He’s totally doing the back-to-front-quasi-comb-over. Trust me. I know all about that shit.

  13. Craig

    Isn’t that Tory Lane?

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