1. CK

    Oh great, there are more than one of this douche?

  2. This seems right, she looks like she is about 15. Is he trolling the local middle schools again?

  3. meeps!

    At this point he’s just famous for being famous, right…?

  4. schadenfreude

    You mean you haven’t heard about That 70′s Show? Maybe that’s a little too old for you. Maybe you heard that I’m also Handy Manny? That might be more in your age group.

  5. jc

    Because when you’re 16 your meat curtains aren’t this far apart.

  6. That girl is sexy. She’s the only thing worth looking at in this picture.

  7. EricLR

    Ocean’s Three:
    Breaking into a most secure high school in Hollywood is the easy part. Getting out without a statutory rape charge is where it’s going to take three…

    Coming this summer!

  8. broduhjenner

    “let me see…hmmm. how many ways can I be a douche today? 1) white lacoste polo. check. 2) rolled up jeans. check. 3) untied ankle boots. check. a personal best”

  9. …and the Valderrettes!

  10. If that girl looks at his left hand, she’s getting punched in the shoulder.

  11. “…and then I was on That 70′s Show, which of course you know, and surprisingly , that’s all it usually takes. So whatdaya say?”

  12. navvet75

    She looks like she just threw up a little in her mouth

  13. Nice to see OMC back together again

  14. “Look, I’m sorry , you”re just too old for me.”

  15. tlmck

    “Neither of you bitches better swallow before we get to the sperm bank!”

  16. I know this dipshit owns a hundred mirrors so all of that is intentional. Jesus. Not enough buses kill people on sidewalks.

  17. crb

    No Mena Suvari?

  18. Oh no, not you, Ugly Betty. There’ll be other TV shows. Other Traveling Pants seq—um, there’ll be other TV shows.

  19. Mos

    He looks like he’s about ten weeks pregnant.

  20. jaybles

    lol, even the guy behind him is questioning his stupid fucking pants.

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