1. Welcome to the d-bag club Shia.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    This guy is the biggest douche in America, which is really something considering Jared Leto just did a photo shoot wearing women’s clothes and Scott Disick is still breathing.

  3. I really hope some military guy beats the piss out of him.

  4. Gin&Tonic

    fuck what an idiot…

  5. If nobody notices you already, should you really wear camoflauge?

  6. EricLR

    He thinks he’s going to war with Coors.

  7. Okay, he’s definitely a douche, but I’ve been seeing a lot of pictures of him in camo lately. I hate to admit that I would… as long as he’s wearing camo. ONLY if he’s wearing camo. And not talking.

  8. pavement_smear

    These do not appear to be elastic cuffs, so you really have to appreciate his attention to detail. The tuck, especially useful for keeping the hot sands of Studio City out of your boot, are juxtaposed against the freshly laundered (but not pressed) Bud Light T and black wide-band watch in a look that just screams “will never see any real service.” Kudos, Mr. LeBeouf, for taking douchery to a stylistic level where once only Ed Hardy would tread.

    • I kinda feel like if he wanted to go Full Douche, the T-shirt would have the name of some obscure microbrew, not some corporate megabrand.

      • JustSomeAholeOnTheInternet

        He’s ironically wearing a megabrand, he’s making a douchey statement on corporate wars.

  9. Here are two
    ; anagrams for Shia Labeouf :
    abuse ho fail
    I be Hula Sofa
    Both sum him up pretty well.

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