1. He’s evolving into Rick Ross

  2. “My advice about free throws? I … uh … well … “

  3. (unintelligible mumbling…….”know what Im sayin”….unintelligible mumbling…)

  4. EricLR

    He looks like the black Joe Don Baker.

  5. His only coaching advice is to be a physical freak so you don’t ever have to develop any actual skills or post moves. Oh, and training camp is where you lose all the off-season pounds.

  6. “Oooh that Icy Hot Patch down my pants feels real good now.”

  7. catapostrophe

    SHAQ: “Shaq tired. Shaq sit down.”

  8. I wish he was my uncle.

  9. The man must really love his Tacos Supreme.

  10. “Yo, that one step was a bitch. Is that shit regulation? That was a big fucking step. Why they gotta have steps going up to seats anyway? Even one is too many! I gotta get my breath. I’m gonna catch an escalator up that motherfucker next time.”

  11. why do I suspect he didn’t arrive there in a Buick?

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