thick in the middle and thin in the head. :-/

  2. seat filler

    nobody is going to beleive the Asian guy

  3. schadenfreude

    Hey Asian Guy – You were just totally busted sneaking a look!

  4. She’s used to that happening all the time by now.

  5. EricLR

    Is that guy wearing yoga pants?

  6. Never seen a guy in Jeggings before.

  7. I totally get looking, but why is he squinting?

  8. catpostrophe

    Those legs are underdeveloped, relatively speaking.

  9. Asian guy: “Jesus those are amazing legs. I wonder what brand of jeans they are?”

  10. anonymous

    She looks pissed. When he said he wanted to get into her pants– he meant it literally.

  11. Kate Upton, New York City, with companion Arnie Rexia.

  12. Kramer and the tight jeans episode. LOL

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