1. CK

    Yes you should expect to get stared at when your pants are that far down. The laughing is just the icing on my cake.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    If this guy buys Skittles and an Iced Tea, please feel free to shoot him.

    The rest of us, please don’t.

  3. I don’t get the point of sagging, it is the fucking stupidest thing I have ever seen and this moron has his pants so far down I don’t even understand why this fucktard is even wearing them? Of course he might be just waiting for Justin Bieber to come by.

    • Nonnie Moose

      It’s a ghetto/street cred thing. If you go to jail, they take away your belt so you can’t hang yourself with it, so your pants sag. The ghetto rats turned it into a fashion statement. Same deal with shoelaces. Notice he doesn’t have those either, and he’s got the tongues of his shoes pulled out?

  4. schadenfreude

    It looks like the Soulja needs to get some combat fatigues that fit!

  5. Now is the perfect time to kick his ass. With his pants so low, he can’t fight back or chase you.

  6. Skippy86

    Gravity must be strong in the hood

  7. He just got done sucking dick for those cigarettes.

    • pavement_smear

      I’m not sure about the specific act involved, but based on his attire, it does look like this Soulja has recently surrendered.

  8. broduhjenner

    he looks like wiz khalifa’s disappointment of a younger brother.

  9. EricLR

    Keep advancing the race, dude.

  10. sigh..ok, just imagine something kind of racist, but really funny. Then imagine that I said that.

  11. At the risk of sounding like the old guy in the room, how do they actually stay up at that level?

  12. I hope someone hits him with a car. Isn’t this that little douche who shit-talked the military? He sucks ass.

  13. Nonnie Moose

    This is just like the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot video.

    Except this is Tardfoot.

  14. So all these guys like getting phcked in the a$$? They deny they’re gay, and yet that style began in prison as a way for prisoners to signal to others that they were ready and available for coprophage…;)

  15. Soulja Boy off in this hoe!
    Watch my pants drop
    To da flow
    Watch me buy these swisher sweets
    At the convenience stow!
    Now watch me YOU
    (Pump this Soulja Boy)…

  16. He does realize he’s a walking stereotype, right?

  17. He must be headed to his college classes.

  18. My guess is that store doesn’t sell belts or he traded it for some smokes

  19. Sylvester Cattington

    Sagging is the male equivalent of a whale tail.
    Bitches present…. ever seen a cat in season?
    So what you see here folks….is a Pussy on heat.

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