1. cc

    Hmph, a homemade hovercraft…if I was him, I’d get Selena on there and have a real blast.

  2. Welcome to the gun show, huh? Roll those sleeves up so we can see.

  3. MarkM

    Please, Please, PLEASE be the next James Dean!

    • Joaquin ingles

      Fuck that, we’d have to wait like 6 more years, and then we’d have to hear about his “wasted talent” for the next 50 years after that. I’ll be perfectly happy when he goes the way of all the dweebs from all the boy bands no one remembers the names of. A piano can fall on his head after he reaches obscurity though, that would be pretty cool.

  4. it had to be said

    El Homo what?

  5. bdog821

    “And then it went off all over my face like this!”

  6. Dammit, I just bought stock in Flowbee – and now I see he just gets that fabulous upsweep from the Dustbuster next to his chair.

  7. Perplexity

    Biebs doing his mandatory monthly treatment of Usher’s crotchal burning sensation.

  8. Bonky

    I don’t think there is a spanish translation for what Justin screamed when he hit that nozzle, but the japanese call it “Bukkake”.

  9. Grand Poobah

    He has a very good, well practiced, two-hand technique I see…

  10. This is what happens when one goes into the barbershop and says, “Gimme the KD Lang.”

  11. oh my god, you guys! my balls just dropped!

  12. Justin, that is neither how one gives — nor gets, for that matter — a blowjob.

  13. SupaDupa

    Would’ve been a better outcome had that been a jet engine.

  14. skidmark

    so I shoot my load like this, and then her eyes get all big like this!!

  15. Whyask

    So much for the pretense of being heterosexual.

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