1. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    For a while there she managed to make a living out of amusing a strange man who hangs about the house all day in his pyjamas. She’d probably have a few tips for Most Important People of the Week

  2. Abby Normal

    Looks like Tan Mom Cosmetics Inc. found themselves a celebrity spokes-whore.

  3. Oompa-Loompa-fication complete.

  4. rican

    Hard landing ahead

  5. Radadoon

    Nope,, I don’t have a clue I’m stepping into New York City traffic. In fact, I just plain don’t have a clue at all.

  6. dollycat

    She’s the new Tanning Mom…

  7. So that’s whose doll Tan Mom had.

    • Grand Poobah

      I think the doll’s legs were longer as it didn’t quite have this awful stubby look we see here.

  8. Bonky

    Kendra Wilkinson suffers from the “Truman Show Delusion”. A disorder in which patients believe their lives are reality television shows and that total strangers care about the goings on in their daily life.

  9. willynilly

    Orange, orange, orange. Can’t take it anymore. Guess orange is the NEW black, pink, 50, skinny, drink, cell phone, president……

  10. Orange you glad I have clothes on at least?

  11. El Jefe

    I hope the audition for the Tan Mom movie went well.

  12. How do these shitheads not realize they’re orange? If I got a spray tan and came out looking like that you wouldn’t see me in public until it wore off.

  13. little turtle head

    Didn’t know Notre dame has a new mascot.

  14. The Winchester

    Alright, who fiddled with the puzzle box and let the Cennobites out of hell again?

  15. At least she has one nice-looking leg. Sorry about the rest of her.

  16. tlmck

    She’s darker than Mel B.

  17. EricLr

    Close your eyes and keep walking.

  18. Blech

    Strut all she wants, Kendra is still no match for Dude in Gray.

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