1. Grace

    She’s giving me Mariah Carey vibes there… A fit Mariah Carey, but Mariah Carey all the same.

  2. cc

    Saw pics of her in a bikini not long ago not bad for, what, 3 kids? Still, I’d be uncomfortable dating someone who beat the stuffing out of me.

  3. Chelsea handler put on makeup and got a tan??

  4. Did she do something to her face? It doesn’t even look like Mel B

  5. willynilly

    Another orange chick! Come on, when are they going realize your own skin color is better than orange!

  6. Coyote

    I’m NOT scary and more

  7. Her body is rockin’.

  8. When did she turn white? I’m white. Who’d want to be white? We can’t dance very well and we burn easily.

  9. She looks like she rolled in a bad of Doritos.

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