1. cc

    I am still enjoying the residuals from my Mickey Mouse gig last week.

  2. Johnny P!

    “Take Me Out FOX” behind him, and that.
    Ladies? Can you resist?

  3. userofalltrades

    Yup, semen.

  4. “Mmm… you senoritas all look terrific, but how are your kidneys?”

  5. Perplexity

    Still tastes like Not Funny.

  6. Bonky

    That’s right ladies, Carlos’ tongue is like a dried, hot chili pepper. A stinging, burning, irritating, dried hot chili pepper. Now who wants to be Carlos’ special lady tonight ? Come on, just look at him. One of you ladies is going to his special girl tonight !

  7. Mistook his hand for Obama’s anal clevis.

  8. “Yup. I even taste like a talentless douchebag.”

  9. “Women don’t let me go “downtown” for a taste anymore, so I just have to make do…”

  10. blonde

    mmm salsa… get it? cause he’s Mexican.

  11. DeucePickle

    White people lick their fingers like this, but us mexicans lick our fingers like this.

  12. Wow. That’s not sexy when a man does it, George.

  13. EricLr

    Tastes like other comedians’ jokes.

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