1. CrashHell

    I’m sorry Lt. Dan, but she tasted like cigarettes.

  2. EricLR

    Looking a helluva lot better these days than she did a few years ago. I guess you *can* kick heroin. Did you hear that Lindsay?

  3. Pickle Nose

    Glad to see she made it. I had a thing for her in the Slums of Beverly Hills. I’m not proud of it.

  4. Yep, she looking good. As long as she stays clean, she’ll be all right.

  5. love this leszbo

  6. It’s still alive?

  7. Isn’t she the new mascot for throat cancer?

  8. jidigust sidigtay idigaway fidigrom midigy didigog.

  9. okay Deandra Douglas we get it, your lady parts aren’t poisonous.

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