1. He looks weird without his chin pubes.

  2. Krazee Thug Nutz

    He looks more like the father of Bella from Twilight. I’m a little ashamed I think that.

  3. The Superficial misspelled Corey Feldman.

  4. EricLR

    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Douche.

  5. Smapdi

    “This hat gives me personality, right? No? Damn.”

  6. Captain Kickass

    All of you with trade places with him in an instant. Even if you had to wear that hat.

  7. Well howdy, ma’am.

  8. What up with all the Corey Feldman posts lately?

  9. Is he going to reboot Crocodile Dundee?

  10. jim

    Matt Drudge?

  11. This is a GREAT look…if he was standing next to Buzz Lightyear.

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