1. “We’re stopping by McDonald’s and that’s the end of it!!”

  2. It looks like he just found out To Serve Man is a cookbook.

  3. 2am closing time…nobody is gonna know. AWE FUCK, paparazzi!

  4. Those seats can be uncomfortable when being invaded by unconstrained fat rolls.

  5. “Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world? EEEERRRRHHHHH!!”

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    She wasn’t lying when she said the car had only 3 seats.

  7. Batu Khan

    Last time I fall for “You look as sweet as cake”. Last time!!!

  8. Mohawk Disco

    My mother warned me about getting in the car with strangers promising candy. There is no candy! She ate it all!

  9. “Pardon me, good fellow, but could you kindly stop the car? My companion here just tried to eat my knee, and I need to stretch out my leg in order to stop the bleeding.”

  10. ThisWillHurt

    “You look good enough to eat.”
    “Aw, thanks. I get that someti-Oh god. You’re serious.”

  11. He was never seen alive again.

  12. It’s hard to look cool, when you’re caught with a fat chick.

  13. Get in mah belly!!!

  14. Tomato

    Young Greg Kinnear?

  15. Tom

    It sucks to get caught hogging!

  16. Honestly, I love cute fat chicks. And she’s funny so that’s cool too. I would totally get all over that.

  17. tlmck

    Just realized he is not getting paid nearly enough for this gig.

  18. wrynoceros

    it’s his moped moment…. haven’t we all been there?

  19. That is one of the funniest pictures I’ve seen, and I feel real sorry for him…

  20. Another Mike

    “Hey….put yer foot back in there, it felt good”

  21. Gigos

    With a Rebel yell, she cried ‘more, more, more (cake)!’

  22. Mopeds are fun to ride too until you get caught on one.

  23. Blah

    Would you all get the fuck over her weight? my god let’s have another original comment about her weight and ignore the fact she’s a great comic and embraces who she is other than some of the other anorexic bobble heads on this site.

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