1. Well at least she gets to pretend someone would/could impregnate her when she’s filming…

  2. “Haha, yes Leslie you can stop rubbing my face in your rich husband and adorable children, I get to be booty called by Diddy.”

  3. I was tempted to make a Trichophagia joke, but I figured nobody would get it. Then I realized it wasn’t very funny. then I didn’t care any more.

  4. Veebrator

    Cameron, quick! Do I have hair on my tongue?

  5. Josephus

    If Cameron Diaz is “the other woman,” how ugly is the first?!?

  6. Leslie Mann in a Judd Apatow movie? I wonder how she got that part?

  7. The other kids used to be relentless the way they would make fun of me, just because I rushed home from school everyday to watch He-man and the Masters of the Universe, just to masturbate to Skeletor. Now who’s laughing?

  8. “Lets crack ourselves up with our annoying voices!”

  9. Swearin

    “So Tom finally converted you to Scientology? Congratulations, Cameron!”

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