1. There’s right – hide the shame of your existence, Sasquatch.

  2. I'm confused...

    The body looks the same as Hilary Duff’s.

  3. Urbanspaceman

    WTF??? Now she doesn’t want to be photographed?

  4. L. Ron Fuckwadd

    It’s not unusual for native animals of the forest to forage for food when trash cans and dumpsters are near.

  5. Little Tongue

    Having a bad puss-filled-herpes-sore day, Mmmkay? Leave me the fuck alone.

  6. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You tried your best and a lot of people respect you for that. I don’t know anybody who wouldn’t break under that kind of constant pressure and strain. I’m speaking, of course, to the zipper.

  7. Kris is going give her hell for not carrying a smaller purse.

  8. “HHHrrrrnnngggggggggHHHHnnhhgggh!

    I think that’s how you type the Wookie call.

  9. Mitch

    It’s nice to see her finally showing some courtesy to others by covering her hideous mug.

    Hint: Go buy one of those welding masks that are all the rage in the Thai tranny community and wear it 24/7.

  10. Dear Khloe,

  11. Shit I’m covering my face too, I don’t want any pictures of me looking at that.

  12. Oh good, they are ruining The Hamptons now. Is there anywhere these vampires won’t defile?

  13. Cannot believe they think they are Hampton’s style. GO HOME. Get your trash outta there. Ugh! That’ll never work.

  14. “fellas, c’mon, not the face, just the ass, ok? like we agreed???”

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