1. Dude, put some jam in your sneakers and invite your trousers down for tea!

  2. “Ya see this? This guy right here? He’s rich! He’s famous! He just got married a week ago! And now he look like this! So hell no baby there ain’t no way I’m gonna ask you to marry me! I don’t want to look like this!”

  3. Short Round

    I’m with stupid! – played out for real.

  4. “I will NOT participate in this picture”

  5. George P Burdell

    The Kardashian strength roofies wore off and Kayne found himself married, in New York, and Anna Wintour wasn’t returning his phone calls.

  6. I’m just glad that one guy is pointing.

  7. Hey, take my picture with #sadkanye!

  8. buzz

    Still even standing next to that dude–Kanye is the gay looking gone.

  9. Little Tongue

    You’ll never guess who this guy just got married to! Haha!

  10. meeps!

    A fire hydrant has more personality than this jerk-off…

  11. That “oh shit I fucking married a Kardashian and had a kid with her” look and it is not a good one.

  12. “Who wrote a song about gold digging piss whores, and still married one anyway? THIS GUY!”

  13. “I married who?!”

  14. Swearin

    No no no, they got the text all wrong, it’s supposed to say “Tool”

  15. “Hey, guys. This is the dumb fuck who married Kim Kardashian…”

  16. brycet

    Nice Capris….homo. Oh wait…you mean somebody ELSE wears the pants in the family?

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