1. Caught going for the sweets he keeps hidden in his jacket’s inside pockets.

  2. Everybody get down!

    Oh…he’s just reaching for a pancake.

  3. Lena Dunham shouldn’t wear men’s clothes.

  4. He’s gonna step out side to smoke a fag.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    I’m extremely sorry that I called that spic a faggot. I haven’t been right lately… the love of my life isn’t returning my calls anymore. He says he’s in the French Riviera. Oops, I meant she.

  6. PassingTrue

    I meant to say “maggot” er “zagnut” ah “wingnut”

  7. “That faggot better not try to eat any of the cheeseburgers I have here in my coat pocket. But seriously, I’ve loved gays since birth.”

  8. Flatliner

    Ever since he put a bunch of weight back on, Jonah hates getting asked ‘how many faggots does it take to suck his dick?’

  9. You’d think he’d lose weight washing DiCaprio’s balls so much.

  10. Looks like we found his Slim-Jims hiding spot.

  11. Rob Ford: The Early Years

  12. A finely tailored suit makes the man. And then there’s this sloppy pile of goo.

  13. dennis

    Jonah looks like he is wondering whose dick he has to suck to get out of all this homophobic trouble.

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