1. “It puts the ramen on it’s skin….”

  2. …oh. Nevermind.

  3. I LOVE spaghetti and meatballs.

  4. Reeks of uncle terry.

  5. Oh yea…now slowly, cut up these carrots,mmm careful with those tips. Now, skin this chicken, gentle…gentle. that’s right, just let it sink into that broth. let it marinate in the juices. Take this bottle of soy sauce and just shake it… just like that. let those drops of delicious soy sauce mix with the chicken and stain your noodles a golden brown. Now get out of the tub, I’m hungry.

  6. PassingTrue

    Can I watch her eat individual raisins now?

  7. Nothing sexxxier than pasta in a bathtub, right next to a toilet.

  8. cc

    Where’s Marlon Brando when you need him?

  9. Apparently Galore Magazine calls itself “an attitude, a lifestyle, a sensation of decadence and infinite possibility”.

    While I definitely recognize infinite possibilities here, not so sure about the decadence. Was gourmet Mac and Cheese too complicated to make?

  10. Flatliner

    That toilet looks like it is just barely keeping it together.

  11. All that delicious ramen wasted. That could have easily fed nine college students.

  12. Spleen

    OK – does she have more than one (dumbass) expression or is this it?

  13. Blink twice if you need help!

  14. The only way this picture makes sense is if those are chicken flavor ramen noodles.

  15. Just goes to show you a little ramen and some leftover thorazine goes a long, long way.

  16. I don’t even have to check the credits to know this is Terry Richardson’s bathtub.

  17. Does the expression on her face ever change?

  18. Photographer:” I have to admit Sara, this was a good idea. Now put that back on the craft service table, we’re done for the day.”

  19. Same doltish expression on all these pictures. I guess putting ramen on her breasts helps

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