1. Tom!

    How many dicks did you suck on the ride over?

  2. It’s weird to see him in a non-running pose.. Plus, Aliens.

  3. Lisa McPherson's ghost

    How many times did you let David Miscavige butt-tool you this week?

  4. “Mr. Cruise! How tall are you?”

  5. Mama Pinkus

    fuck all you haters – he’s still a great actor and he looks phenomenol

  6. Body guard, or someone very disappointed with Oblivion?

    “Motherfucker, I thought it’s be a movie about Elder Scrolls. I want my money back!”

  7. L. Ron Fuckwadd

    Don’t you all realize he’s protecting that crowd by holding back the evil LifeForce from Lord Xenu !

  8. Wouldn’t it be cool if HE called somebody a faggot?

  9. Hold on I think i found my keys

  10. Jethro

    How many months has it been since you spoke to Suri?

  11. Trust it to TC to make something as basic as “waving your hand at someone” look overwrought, insincere, age-inappropriate, poorly acted, and butt-clenchingly closeted.

  12. “I wish this fruity mutha fucka would stop holdin’ my hand when we cross the street!”

  13. The Mapes Hotel

    Guy in the background is picking his nose.

  14. I fucking love this man. I don’t care what anyone says.

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