1. Wally's Beaver

    Appears to be a B Flat.

  2. What does her face look like? I’ve been staring at the picture for five minutes and I have no idea.

  3. sudden craving for pancakes.

  4. irocksocks

    The milk’s gone bad!

  5. Flatliner

    I think her voice and everything above the shoulders more than makes up for the body. I reserve the right to reassess if she goes full Lovato.

  6. cc

    It’s a pity Pepsodent isn’t still around…she’s got the right mouth.

  7. Mama Pinkus

    she really should keep those covered

  8. Little Tongue

    I’ve never sucked on a pancake before, but I sure would love to try it!


  10. I love her music.

  11. Pit Weirdness

  12. She is beautiful even with her flits.

  13. tlmck1234

    Butter body.

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