1. There’s not much to cover there. Expecting breasts augmentation in 3, 2, 1…

  2. Chris Hansen

    Photo Boy, why don’t you have a seat over here.

  3. She is pretty thin. I guess her hefty step-sisters didn’t leave her much to eat.

  4. Is this the jailbait one? I always forget to ask that until I’m midway through my masturbatory orgasm.

  5. Ah, driver’s licence photos in Southern California. Got to love ‘em.

  6. Flatliner

    Instead of just fapping to his creation, the photog could have done something useful with it such as allow it to be used as a breast cancer survivor message.

  7. She’s definitely the better looking of the bunch, but the younger one is sluttier. Can’t wait to see her sex tape in a couple of years.

  8. Robb7

    This family has the Jacksons beat when it comes to limelight whoring and ratchet lifestyle.

  9. Marketing Mike

    I’m pretty sure “Mama” is taking pre-orders on that tape.
    I’m in…

  10. Stripes

    Very good photographer. I thought it was a picture of Natalie Wood.

  11. I really don’t understand why this little hoochie thinks she’s a fashion model. This would be like me buying a Yasiel Puig jersey, jacking myself up on PED’s, taking a picture of myself holding a baseball bat then acting like I play for the Dodgers.

  12. I don’t care if she is the spawn of Satan, she is pretty fucking hot.

    • Mike

      I feel the same way about Jonah Hill. He can rape a retard, but I’ll still see “22 Jump Street”. With the good reviews and how much I loved the last one, how can I miss out?

  13. Nick Danger

    Wow Bruce, that sex change is really going well.

  14. She looks way too much like Kim here. She’s really struggling to get some cleavage to put in that hand bra, isn’t she?

  15. DrD

    I’d certainly do her. But then since I’m a dirty old man, there are a lot of girls her age I say that about. That said, I still think her parents should be arrested for pimping.

  16. Mike

    So, what’s the deal? We’re gonna be titillated with half-nude shots of the Jenner kids from now on? Judging by the comments, we’re not hungering for Kendall’s flat boobs-having body.

  17. toitot

    She;s so regular looking, models are smoking,,,at least the level she’s going for and she’s not reaching it. She looks so much like Emma Watson (YAWN) here. That is the best they could do?

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