1. Hugh Jazhole

    Yeah, yeah, like Bruce said. That’s exactly what happened. Yeah, left eye. You can print that.

  2. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    We all know that look. His mother just showed up to take him home. Ma-awm!

  3. Squishy


  4. taz

    Short fucks shouldn’t cuff their pants. Dumb-ass looks like a midget

    • TomFrank

      Give Fish a break. It’s been over a week since he had a Dinklage shot to post. This is like withdrawal for him.

  5. M

    Hope some kind soul gave him the change he was asking for.

  6. chainsawbuzzkill

    Ugh this little fucker totally does it for me

  7. vitobonespur

    Scott Caan broke both of his hands in a bar fight. Now he has a speech impediment.

  8. too bad he stopped growing at 9.

  9. cc

    Do these pants make me look short?

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