1. is she getting flashed? her eyes say vagina

    • MrsWrong

      I don’t know, I think it looks more like “Find me a trash can, this morning sickness is a bitch” to me

  2. It had to be said

    Man, I saw that elbow flash by and thought she’d finally done a nude scene.

  3. Cock Dr

    That a nice color for her.
    Pretty girl, not trashy looking with junk accessories & dumb tats all over.

  4. tlmck

    She could be #1 in porn.

  5. Luckily her assistant is on hand to point out to her every time she spells her name wrong.

  6. Brennan Haley

    “Headlines from the Fox” could be a hot idea. Gorgeous preteen hottie reads news while paparazzi scramble to try and shoot nipple slips. THE SUPERFICIAL just got enough material for a whole year.

  7. Nik

    Has to wear a ruffled dress so we can’t see her baby bump.

  8. chainsawbuzzkill

    I still do not know who this is besides a girl who went to the beach with the Lesbeiber

  9. vitobonespur

    Looks to me like that dude behind her has his hand up the back of her dress. And it looks like she’s diggin’ it.

    Hey Bieber-Clieber…wake up. Some guy’s putting some grown-up moves on your doll. No, idiot, not your Megan Fox Action Figure. The flesh and blood one. Shit fire…

  10. 50 years ago, she’d be making beds for Lucille Ball.

  11. cc

    I am still anxious to know what the mistake was she was referring in her previous statements, the one she was going to ‘learn from’? Did she get knocked up? Or did she get it in the eye?

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