1. bj

    She looks so fucking weird pregnant. Her uterus looks like a growth.

  2. Michael

    It might be out there to say that someone’s name affects their destiny, but January is one frigid bitch of a month.

  3. Eddie

    It looks like the baby’s trying to escape, prematurely. Even the baby hates January Jones.

  4. Squishy

    One hot momma!!

  5. You sure she’s pregnant? The rest of her body is skinny. She looks like she strapped one of those theatrical pregnancy pillows to herself. Now, I’m not saying she’s batshit crazy, but she wouldn’t be the first one to fake a pregnancy to catch a man.

  6. GeorgeWBush

    Think she’s going to have a girl

  7. sc4play

    At least somebody got some action… least once!

  8. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Any moment and that alien is going to pop out and start singing Hello My Baby!

  9. Nik

    Looks like she suffers from raptor hands.

  10. Deryn

    And y’all were complaining that Alyssa Milano doesn’t look like this. At least she’s feeding her child. January is going to have a Gwyneth Paltrow.

  11. vitobonespur

    See??? I fucking told you. Every woman in Hollywood is fucking pregnant! Is it something in the water?

  12. I wonder if her baby will be perpetually scowling?

  13. I am disappointed that her boobs aren’t bigger.

  14. Dr Ha-Ha

    I see her womb is now chock full of crushed ice, hence the incubation area has acquired the requisite temperature – so, when is the little fella due to start growing?

  15. cc

    Another day, another early start looking for the father.

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