1. Michael

    Dr. Frank n Furter is now a typical midwestern dad.

  2. It had to be said

    Oh, he looks like he’s gone straight, but tell me the last time you saw a man wear a watch like that. Frankenfurter lives!

  3. Deacon Jones

    Is this place for you?
    Indeed no, sir. I’m merely a humble butler.
    What exactly do you do?
    I buttle, sir.
    Which means what?
    The butler is head of the kitchen and dining room. I keep everything tidy.

  4. BSting

    Didn’t realize Beverly Hills hosted a Gut n Muffin Top Parade.

  5. Ebdeluxe

    I’m just a sweet transexual from Transexual, Transylvania………

  6. Cock Dr


  7. Squishy

    Third trimester, say…8 months along…

  8. Jeebus

    Is Tim hooking up with Arnold’s maid now? Good for him!

  9. yoyoblack

    legend is one of my favorite movies :)

  10. sexyman48

    “What is light without…being heavy?”

  11. MrsWrong

    I think I need some rest, I’m seeing double

  12. Codot

    He’s just a little brought down because, when you knocked, he thought you were the candy man.

  13. No Tim, your doing it wrong… It’s a JUMP to the left and then a step to the RIGHT.

  14. TomFrank

    Frank-n-furter, it’s all over
    Your diet is a failure, your lifestyle’s too extreme…

  15. Kayne East

    And then there is the white lady in the back saying it all with her capri jogging pants and bedazzled blouse.

  16. sc4play

    Tim needs to do some push-backs. Push-back from the table!

  17. “Let’s NOT do the Time Warp again, goddammit.”

  18. KFed is close behind, waiting for people to throw hotdogs.

  19. bob

    who the FUCK is tim curry?

  20. nailing every future role for the pervy guy next door.

  21. Dr Ha-Ha

    And here we have Tim Curry following Leonardo DiCaprio’s lead by keeping his latest fuck a safe distance behind himself when they’re out walking.

  22. cc

    Gallstones are no laughing matter, even to a comedic actor.

  23. cutthecrap

    It almost looks like Arnold’s bitch is stalking Tim.

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