1. Senor Trout

    Director: ‘Its amazing how comfortable he was shooting the bukkake scene.’

  2. Hugh Jazhole

    Fuck this!!! My agent didn’t say anything about a circle jerk! You assholes!

  3. Eddie

    This is why your girlfriend should never jerk you off while you’re sleeping. This is what happens!

  4. He forgot that Peter North is from Canada.

  5. The moment Robert notices Kirstey Alley seeing where that whiff of cream pie came from.

  6. Sorry Mr Pattinson, the Cosmopolis set is studio 3D, this is the set for CUMopolis.

  7. Squishy

    Fugly dude!!

  8. Jeebus

    Bukkake flic? Bob has finally found his niche.

  9. MrsWrong

    Canadians are so polite! Here we cuss people out, there they throw pastries! Of course no rational American would waste a perfectly good Banana Cream Pie on a cream puff!

  10. tlmck

    His fans finally come out of their dense fog of adoration.

  11. He can’t have been in Canada long as he apparently hasn’t yet learned not to eat yellow snow.

  12. nice to see Rob have a boyfriend or two.

  13. Codot

    I don’t think that’s what he meant when he asked for a little pie on his face.

  14. Dr.Rock

    Is he starting to look like Quentin Tarantino?

  15. Brennan Haley

    So he’s Peter North’s fluffer now? Now THAT’S a career slide.

  16. Shit, that pie flattened his face. No, wait …

  17. The aftermath of a new scene they are trying for Breaking Dawn where Taylor Lautner and Robert’s characters have a moment alone in the woods and decide that all along they have been fighting each other because of the denial of their love.
    The studio is thinking of changing the title to The Twilight Saga : Brokeback Dawn

  18. cc

    See all that runny egg there? Doesn’t anyone know how to make a decent souffle anymore?

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