1. Hugh Jazhole

    And then I shot some in Rob’s eye and he was like, ” shit, that’s not proper. you assholes have no concept of grace and courtesy”. That’s when I said to him, “You feel that sting, big boy, huh? That’s pride fuckin’ with you! You gotta fight through that shit!”

  2. Rumer must be in the car.

  3. doogleberg

    Oh no…do farts have lumps?

  4. hang on…gonna sneeze….gonna sneeze….

  5. Squishy

    Chicken Arms! hehe

  6. tlmck

    He is getting to that old farty age.

  7. Yeah, I hate it too when I accidentally close the car door on my balls.

  8. tinklepants


  9. Ponkur

    Yippee ki-yay, motherfAARGH IT’S MY HEART!”

  10. Brennan Haley

    The niece Brunhilda Gruber has her revenge, stomping Maclean’s nards with a SUV door. Yippee Vasectomy, Mothah fuckah!

  11. SSHGuru

    I….Smell… Urine.

  12. vitobonespur

    Goddamn seagulls!

  13. With great forethought, he decided to look like an old man before he became an old man. Career bonus!

  14. tmfvaughan

    He totally looks like my dad. And that’s not a good thing.

  15. cc

    Argh, the package promised ‘gentle relief’.

  16. JMS

    Anyone see Bridesmaids? I feel like he’s acting out a part of it.

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