1. Popcorn Challenge is over, retard.

  2. He could win an arm full of Oscars but you f*ck one pie and you’re a pief*cker for life!

  3. doogleberg

    Jason Biggs thinks he’s funny posing like the Heisman Trophy with a mint in his mouth.

    The rest of the world does not.

  4. TyroneBiggums

    It appears Stiffler’s sex change was a success.

  5. linds

    suicide pills wheeee!

  6. I got a tongue piercing! Am I cool now?

  7. Squishy

    Nice gob buddy!!

  8. Matty

    This movie can’t possibly be what I think it is… *checks imdb* *shoots self in head*

  9. MrsWrong

    Lowered Expectations

  10. Okay boys, let’s milk this franchise one more time. Biggs, go fuck that pastry.

  11. Trep

    There’s only one reason to have your tongue pierced.

  12. In this sequel he get the pie shoved up his keister.

  13. TomFrank

    I see he’s already practicing for the Sid Caesar role in the upcoming “Silent Movie” remake.

  14. Codot

    I hope the pie he’s fucking isn’t the one on Pattinson’s face, or else this is gonna be awkward.

  15. I guess Jason Biggs doesn’t swallow.

  16. Enough

    Enough with the American Pie movies. They suck, quit squeezing those dimes for more money. Come up with something original. It worked for Inception.

  17. Trey and Matt have set something horrible in motion with “Book of Mormon”. Also, Alyson Hannigan looks just terrible.

  18. M

    For a guy who’s made the same movie over and over for the last, what, twenty years or so, he’s looking remarkably happy.

  19. Jovy

    I’ve always hated this guy.

  20. hmna

    Why is he hanging out with Katie Couric?

  21. Isn’t he supposed to be on a prayer mat by sundown or something?

  22. Coyote

    Talk About your One Trick Ponies

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