1. Hugh Jazhole

    ummm…shouldn’t the dog be carrying her?

  2. Richard McBeef

    notice how the dog’s junk is touching her butt and he can’t pull a boner either.

  3. he’s stealing money from her purse

  4. Good to see her dating again after Heath Ledger died.

  5. Eddie

    Is the girl that looks like a dog Mary Kate, or the girl that looks like a meth addict?

  6. sigh…she’s only doing it half right. Phone goes in the hand, dog goes in the purse!

  7. Cock Dr

    It’s good to see a woman with a real dog, not these piece ‘o fluff toy purse pooches.
    That dog’s got a real nice life. He might even lick the pussy from time to time.

  8. Squishy

    Love the French Bulldog!!

  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Tonight on Fox… When Accessories Attack!

  10. Siloporcen7

    You are supposed to support the animal’s whole body. She is carrying it torture-style

  11. tlmck

    An Olsen twin with a dog. Somebody call PETA.

  12. MrsWrong

    Frowny face. Check
    Skin that doesn’t fit. Check
    65 lbs. Check
    I didn’t realize the Olsens were triplets

  13. well she is taking the term “doggie style” in a whole new direction.

  14. The filmmakers wish to acknowledge that this dog was in no danger of being eaten.

  15. EMAR

    In an effort to avoid more eating disorder rumours, it seems she has been sneaking her food to her chihuahua.

  16. Me

    Classic! Hidding behind the fake nose attached o the plastic glasses!

  17. Zombie Kitty

    Nice dog but shame about the bitch

  18. That disappointed look on her face makes me think she found out her dog is allergic to peanut butter.

  19. if he sniffs the twins, even he can’t tell them apart

  20. TracyJ

    I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too.

  21. I’d fuck the dog first.

  22. JJ

    Mary Kate and Ashley look more and more alike every day.

  23. JJ

    At least this time she didn’t kill it before she wore its fur

  24. cc

    Hmph, I wonder if she can bench press her down body weight as well?

  25. zoy

    even the fucking dog looks droopy and bored with life

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