1. Michael

    Just to get it out of the way: bad shirt/angle.

  2. Hugh Gentry

    she should have adopted.

  3. which side is the baby growing in?

  4. It had to be said

    Now THAT’S Italian . . .

  5. Keyser Ballsy

    I hope that is just the lighting but are her sweatpants darker on the back end?

  6. CptCreep

    WTF! Are you purposely trying to terrorize my 1980′s spank bank? First Nichole Eggert and now this!!! FU!

  7. Eddie

    This is what Unicron would look like if he didn’t have such a great metabolism.

  8. doogleberg

    “MOVE IT…I’m late for my bowling league.”

  9. TyroneBiggums

    I’m sure Tony is really disappointed in Sam.

  10. Deacon Jones

    She looks fine

    (rips desk drawer open, pukes into pile of pencil shavings, shoves draw closed)

  11. Step thr33

    So she’s pregnant, right?

  12. A sweaty ass has never been more attractive…or less…it’s just not attractive.

  13. Give her a break guys, she’s obviously pregnant…in her upper arm…with cottage cheese.

  14. frouthy

    Who’s the Boss Hogg?

  15. bonerspunk

    Kirstie Alley got fat again?

  16. Cock Dr

    NO WAY
    That’s rough looking. Best of luck with that.

  17. Squishy


  18. rough dont pun

    Shed be a great model for art class.

  19. for years i wished i could have sex with her. or even marry her. right now i am so happy my dream never came true.

    • and for those people wishing to write letters or comments to me about how piggish it is to say that about a pregnant woman. i would throughtly do Demi Moore when she was pregnant,cindy Crawford,Christina Applegate,Alicia silverstone(her ass was a little big but way better than this one and everything else was doable.),Brooke Shields,Angie Everhart and the list goes on.

      also i put my hands over her stomach to see what she looks like with a slim stomach. lets just say the make-up and lighting department are gonna go on overtime to make her into a person that does not exist in real life.

  20. I guess you can’t sweat your ass off

  21. Her ass is obviously still wet because she is just leaving the Rump Cleaners behind her.

  22. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    I think she still has the body of a goddess. A Sumerian goddess.

  23. Insert Large Marge comment from a couple of weeks ago here:________________________________________.

  24. Huntsman

    Nigh Sass

  25. Codot

    Her upper arm has all the smooth elegance of a Kardashian thigh.

  26. GeorgeWBush

    Kim Kardashian ass, Ron Jeremy gut, and Hulk Hogan arms…worst plastic surgery I’ve seen yet.

  27. Ponkur

    Is it coming or going?

  28. well at least she doesn’t have to worry about anyone trying to sexually assault her.


  30. The Everlasting Know-it-all

    I’d still lick her taint

  31. Blech

    Arm… cellulite?

  32. DeucePickle


  33. vitobonespur

    What the fuck…??? Is every woman in Hollywood fucking pregnant? This is like the Baby Boom that followed WWII except this whole generation will be fucked-up, ignorant, irresponsible, self-centered assholes all named Lindsay or Charlie. Or how about Doorknob Sparkplug Bieber…

  34. Why is The Superficial featuring pictures of my plumber now?

  35. Coyote

    Is Octomom pregnant Again?

  36. tmfvaughan

    I have two kids and my arms never became…that. WTF.

  37. Blonde

    She looks like she would be an angry prego. FEED ME I’M STARVING!

  38. cc

    Now is a good time to step away from the computer and watch the scene in ‘Fear’ where you see her ass in a thong. Kind of a memorial service, if you will.

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