1. EricLr

    He’s a basketball coach now?

  2. I don’t know who that is back there, or what it is you’re doing…but DON’T YOU DARE STOP!

  3. I saw a movie like this once… It didn’t turn out so well for the white guy…

  4. catapostrophe

    His spider penis is tingling.

  5. Johnny P!

    This bobble-head is the new Spiderman?
    I’ll pass, thanks…

  6. mamamiasweetpeaches


  7. Not pictured: Donald Glover’s bitch-ass.

  8. I believe the brothers refer to the skinny fellow as “on the down low.”

  9. kimmykimkim

    I’m sorry, but did I not just learn yesterday that THIS is in a relationship with Emma Stone? This? Hmm, I didn’t realize Emma was bisexual.

  10. Contusion

    One of these things is not like the others.

  11. Mike701

    Yes boys, and the sequel will be The FABULOUS Spiderman

  12. “OK, you caught me. I guess most of you guys

  13. “OK, you caught me. I guess most of you guys CAN outrun a white guy. So now what?”

  14. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    If this was a game of Go he’d be black now

  15. j/k

    As soon as you lock up one Sandusky another is born.

  16. Lord Invader

    “When the Sisters made peace with the Negroes, all was well in Shawshank. ….for a while.”

  17. Lord Invader

    “When the Sisters made peace with the Crips, all was well in Shawshank…for a while.”

  18. He’s never happier than when he’s surrounded by dudes.

  19. tlmck

    He just found paradise.

  20. Crazed Abandon

    The girls will be sooo jealous when I tell them this story!

  21. “I’m a homey, uh-huh! That’s h-o-m-e-y…homey!”

  22. mags

    I guess I’m the only one who feels like they just lost the circle game. Although in my defense I think this technically counts as cheating.

  23. YoMamma

    This… this is what Chuck Norris is trying to warn us about!

  24. Nik

    Oh gosh. Looks like the cover for one of those gay porns where a white boy is the bitch.

  25. Andrew Garfield rehearsing for his role as Anthony Perkins in a film about how he contracted A.I.D.S.

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