1. Frank Burns

    That’s a German beer, not Italian, you silly girl. Best pour it out on your t-shirt.

    • Frank Burns

      Spaten Optimator rules, by the way 7.2% abv. Regular Spaten not bad either.

    • That’s ironic, since Italy plays Germany tomorrow in the Euro semifinal. Or maybe the beer is supposed to represent Germany and there’s another photo (not shown) where she does something symbolic to the bottle. Like shove it up her twat, perhaps.

  2. Crissy

    And I love your bum! Now, go and put a bag over that head and look pretty!

  3. Mike Walker

    Hmmm, nice little bod. Now let’s take a look at… oofah.

  4. Lemmiwinks

    Now we know which is her good side.

  5. Bionic_Crouton

    Dammit!… Now I love Italy!

  6. Hey, Claudia, suck down one of those brewskys for me, would ya?

  7. rawfodog

    “Which one do you think I should insert first?”

  8. mrsmass

    her face is completely busted. better your ass faces the camera whore.

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