1. Crissy

    This is not creepy at all you guys!…

  2. Raoul

    “Dance, my little puppets! DANCE!”

  3. “NO, David Arquette puppet! Don’t cheat on Courtney Cox puppet! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  4. “No Dark Helmet, I did not see you playing with dolls again…”

  5. Johnny P!

    David Arquette. Bootsy Bellows. Marionettes…
    Cue the smoke machine and the dwarf.

  6. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Hi, David. Still on drugs I see

  7. “Damn, these little fuckers are heavy!”

  8. EricLr

    Accept my voodoo sacrifice and grant me back my career!!

  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Must have been a bad photo yesterday, Travolta looks a lot more relaxed with his wife here

  10. Frank Burns

    Arquette is using a somewhat larger system to facilitate Lindsay Lohan’s ‘acting’ in the Liz Taylor movie.

  11. justin

    You don’t want to be the old guy in the club. He ain’t really old, just a little too old to be in the club.

    This picture is exactly what Chris Rock was talking about.

  12. The Pope

    Quite possibly the classiest way to be caught playing with yourself.

  13. FattyMcGee

    Nothing says, “I’m doing well” like having to put on a marionette show at a new nightclub opening in Hollywood.

  14. Look into my eyes you two cake dancing fucks
    You look like two douche bags who think they’re in love
    You think you’ll get married, get laid and be pleased?
    Get shitfaced and swim in your pool with stuffed geese?
    NO, Goddammit, that shit is a lie!
    You can’t stand around naked with Jen dropping by
    To complain about Braaaaad and that chick she calls Satan
    While you munch on egg whites, avocado and bacon
    And where are the kids? What, you don’t know?
    Well I guess you better get up and turn off your show
    Bitch, shut up, a games not a show
    And if it weren’t for you frontin’, I’d be in the front row
    I’m sorry, I can’t watch as you two do the same
    So please close your eyes, coz here comes the pain!

  15. Cock Dr

    So this is the scene at “Bootsy Bellows”, some new watering hole in Hollywood.
    If you have enemies, take them there.

  16. Jon

    Did Being John Malkovich really need a direct-to-DVD sequel?

  17. tlmck

    “I commnad you to have sex with me!”

  18. Oz Matters

    What … and give up show business?

  19. Crazed Abandon

    Courtney must be thinking: I got out just in time!

  20. The thing that’s always bothered me about puppets is the cold, dead shine of their eyes. It’s too obvious that there’s no soul, no real conscious or conscience inside. See, if you look at the picture…



  21. “…and then Peewee Herman climbs on top of a protesting Courtney Cox…”

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