1. Raoul

    “Gosh. C’mon, you guys. It’s not like I’m THAT pretty or anything. Sheez.”

  2. “Hey hey… would you look at dat? I sawr her on de internet… A set of gazoombas you would not believe!”

  3. Dan Quayle

    Make me hard

  4. kimmykimkim

    Hot! Dress and girl. I’ll take both. Please ship overnight, thank you.

  5. “Feast on me with your eyes, you poor, homely bastards!”

  6. kimmykimkim

    And shoes! Those shoes!! TOMFRANK?

  7. She looks really great in this pic!

  8. lily

    not a hug fan, but she looks cute

  9. The Pope

    “Let’s help this handicapped girl get across the street safel…whoa! Titties!”

  10. dani

    Go easy on the spray tan, Blake.

  11. tlmck


  12. popwilleatitself

    Fake tits and bad posture, not sexy.

  13. Scott Walker

    It’s a cool photo.

  14. LockNLoad

    Bat-shit crazy or not, I’d give anything for four and a half minutes with this one.

  15. Dr. T

    Note the Viking runes on the pavement: the Skarsgaard has clearly marked this one as his…

  16. terry

    She had that rack done. First thing I noticed.

  17. Crazed Abandon

    Judging by the smile of the guys in the background the back view must be even better.

  18. YTBOY


  19. ‘What? No I did not have a sign that read WILL FUCK FOR FEATURED ROLE. That’s just silly. My acting talent is as natural and breathtaking as my breasts.’

  20. Frunken

    That secret service guy behind her is gearing up for another scandal.

  21. Nik

    A butterface in my opinion.

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