1. She looks good.

  2. I bet she got really spooked after hearing “Factory”.

  3. EricLR

    Someone really needs to comb her mane.

  4. catapostrophe

    Michael Bolton’s gone glam.

  5. The carrots and sugar cubes are doing her good.

  6. She was radiant that evening, from crest to fetlock.

  7. When did they turn Charlie and the Glue Factory into a stage play?

  8. Horses can’t eat chocolate, it’s poison to them! What? that’s dogs? It’s still not looking good for her.

  9. Odbarc

    Someone stab her in the head and we’ll have a real life unicorn.

  10. Pining for the oat fields….

  11. tlmck

    Cover her head and hooves with a bag and she ain’t half bad.

  12. cc

    She plays the inside of an Oh Henry!

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