1. yoop

    apparently that’s not a skinny latte

  2. alex

    Is that photoshopped or something??? What’s going on down there.

    She looks happier than ever. Good for her.

  3. Mike

    The Elton John look. Interesting….

  4. rican

    Yeah, keep drinking those starbucks, your legs are turning into Pad Tai noodles.

  5. Skinny girl on top and fat girl on the bottom.

  6. If they were shooting “Sixth Sense” now, they’d have to get a loft bed to hide her under it.

  7. EricLR

    Somewhere nearby, a woman is reporting a dog-napping to a cop.

  8. From the thumbnail I thought “Cool, Parks and Recreation is getting another season!” Dyamn you Barton, you continue to disappoint.

  9. Sorry Mischa, they aren’t casting for Jurassic Park IV yet…

  10. hate to say it, but she looked better when she was anorexic.

  11. yoop

    she’s turning into a weeble-wobble

  12. broduhjenner

    it looks like she switched legs with lena dunham. geerrrooosss!

  13. Well, she looks awful, but still a lot healthier than she used to, so I guess that’s a small step.

  14. March of the Penguin

  15. Capn' Lou

    She was walking four dogs. She ate two of them.

  16. I feel like there is chafing happening somewhere in this picture.

  17. What did he do with all his AC/DC money?

  18. cc

    Fee Fi Fo Fum

  19. Have her legs always looked like twin tree stumps?

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